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1. Bunching / Stranding / shapping of Conductor:

  • Dai and No. of Strands.: On Smaple Basis,
  • Conductor Resistance.: Sampling Basis.
  • Direction Abd Lay Length.: Sampling Basis.
  • Dimension over Conductor.:Sampling Basis.

2. Insulation Extrusion

  • On line spark Tester: 10% Performed by Spark Testers on each Extruded.
  • Dimension and Centering: On line, by sampling basis.
  • Insulation Resistance: Sampling Basis.
  • High Voltage: Sampling Basis.
  • Tensile Strength of Comp: Sampling BasisPerformed as described before.
  • Conductor Dimension: Sampling Basis And Resistance.
  • Shrinkabge: Sampling Basis.

3. Twisting And Laying of Cores.

  • Visual Examination for: 100% Color Sequence
  • Direction And Lay LEngth: 100% Performed with High Voltage Test.
  • High Voltage Test: 100% performed with High voltage Test.
  • Conductor Resistance: 100% on Digital Resistance Meter.
  • Size of Conductor: 100% by Micrometer.
  • Dia. Over Laid UP Cores: 100% by Vernier Calipers.

4. Inner Sheath.

  • Thickness And Measurement: 100% Color Sequence.
  • Surface Conditions of Inner: Visual Examination. Sheath

5. Armouring

  • Direction of Lay: Visual Examination.
  • No. Of Wires/Strip: On line, by counting.
  • Diameter Of Wire / Width: By Micrometer And Thickness of Strip.
  • High Voltage: 100% By High Voltage Tester
  • Dia. Ovreer Armouring: By Vernier Calipers.

6. Sheathing

  • Continuity of Each Core before Sheating: 100% By continuity Tester.
  • Diameter Over Sheathing: By Vernier Calipers.
  • Thickess of Insulation: by Vernier Calipers.
  • Eccentricity : By Vernier Calipers.
  • Surface Finish: Visual Examina.

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